So on the 18th of Feb I had my first lot of my new medication, Docetaxel and boy do I not like it.

It certainly comes with its own “joys”. So far I have had sore joints, thrush in my mouth (fucking awful), sore soles of my feet, really tired and hard to get to sleep.

Hubbie and I walked up to our local village today and I have lost the strength in my legs; it was a very slow trek there and back.

I find that I need to have a nap in the afternoon. I am not sleeping well at night which isn’t helping either.  Thank god I am not working, not sure how I would cope with it if I had to go into the office.

Getting out of bed, getting to the station, sitting with awful people then putting up with stupid people at work (not the ones that I work with, our customers).



I got some good news the other day.  I got approval for my rehabilitation and I start tomorrow with the physiologist. I have 6 sessions with her, 2 with the nutritionist and 3 with a psychologist.

I have had a few days where I just feel so deflated and had a bit of a cry.  Hubbie was away for 3 nights from day 2 after my cycle and these were probably the hardest days.

I did manage to finish my dress and jacket for Frocktails on Saturday. I was nearly not going to go as I felt quite ill for those few days.  I did go and enjoyed myself. I pretty much sat down all night and chatted.

I look a bit crumpled from the sitting down and don’t really like the look of the scarf.  This was a last minute make (there is always a last minute rush) and my face looks a bit puffy. But I finished an outfit! I did have a friend come over and help me with the dress a couple of times and that was nice as it was nice to spend some time with her.

I did lose the plot when I couldn’t find a hook and eye in my sewing room and when I dropped a container of buttons.  Let’s just say that Fuck was yelled a few times… quite a few times.

I find that my patience is very thin and I get very frustrated when things don’t work as they should. I have had a problem with my printer with my Surface Pro and laptop in that it suddenly wasn’t viewable by them.  Hubbie was getting sick of me screaming and the devices but he couldn’t work out what the issue was either.  I finally worked it out but god it was a long drawn out process.

Oh well.

I am going to try and finish the white linen pants that I started over Christmas, and then onto a top. But first I will make the bag I have been wanting to make as I now have all the bits and pieces.

Oh and at Frocktails a group of my friends gave me a quilt that they made for me.  God I cried.  It was so unexpected but so lovely.  I cry everytime I think of it. I have already put it to use by having a nap under it. Sewing friends are just the best.

I am meeting another sewing friend tomorrow for lunch so that will be nice and a girl I used to work with is coming up on Saturday afternoon.. Hubbie said “coming to see the animals in the zoo?”. No.

Well I hope I get to feel a bit better over the coming days; I hope at least the thrush goes.

Until then

Stephanie xxx

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