I started writing this as I was having my third cycle of chemotherapy; I was sitting in my chair with my Surface pro, typing up this post, listening to music and doing a bit of online shopping for some fabric. I really need to stop this as I have spent buckets whilst at home… and Hubbie isn’t too happy with me to say the least.

This is the last of the FEC of the FEC-D (check this post out). This is normally the hard one, and luckily my side effects haven’t been to severe and seem to last only for a week.

What the D will bring? Who knows? I will need to wait and see.

I also posted some pictures on Instagram to show people where I go and what I do:

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Just in case you are wondering what happens whilst I am having my treatment.. This is it. . Most of us sit in chairs (there are beds) and we get toxic poisons pumped into us. I have what they call a portacath (sits just above my right boob under the skin and pumps stuff straight into my main artery). . The second photo are what they call cold caps to help keep your hair; I elected not too. . Last photo is the drugs… . What do I do? Read, knit, sleep or do stuff on my laptop.. There are gorgeous volunteers who look after you with food and drinks. . . And the wonderful nurses who work on us for hours. They are lovely and very caring. . #fuckcancer #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #rockingit #be #igotthisbitchcovered #pinkribbon #allthescarves #steffpower #steffiefierce #northerncancerinstitute

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Most people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.  One woman made a comment that she has been going with her husband for 12 months, and didn’t know what the grey caps (cold caps) on the trolley were for. So I thought I would give people a small insight into what goes on.

I got to my appointment a bit early and my treatment got started right on 1.30pm. The rooms were very quiet so the nurses weren’t too busy.  But for some reason, it did take around 2.5 hours and I nearly missed the pharmacy for some medication I needed the following day.

Anyways. I got home and afterwards Hubbie and I grabbed a coffee at our local coffee pitstop.

So Day 2 was a good day.

I got up and went for a walk which had an ulterior motive.  I needed to pick up a parcel from the post office. I have a parcel locker there so I can get things delivered there without hubbie knowing.

For some stupid reason, I had been getting them delivered at home talk about a brain fart!

But I also wanted to start getting in the habit of going for a walk in the morning. Hubbie likes to go for a walk in the afternoon, but this is when I find that I hit a low ebb and get quite tired. He can join me if he wishes but I can’t do the arvos anymore.

I also had an appointment at 2.30pm to get my lump ultrasounded to see if it has changed size and it has! Down from 3cm to 2cm. Fantastic news. Hopefully it will continue to get smaller and make having chemo first all the worthwhile.

I am glad that my surgeon recommended this path. I know some ladies just want the lump out but at least this way we can see that it is actually working. Once the lump is out, they can’t know if the chemo works or not.

I managed to have a decent meal in the evening and then just worked on fixing up my dropbox.  I managed to delete all my sewing and knitting patterns but luckily I could restore them.  Just needed to put everything back the way it was.  I do need to sort my folders out better though..

Speak soon.

Stephanie xx

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