Sydney is going through the hottest summer on record at the moment, which makes for fun times when one is going through chemotherapy!!

Some days are just unbearable; hot flushes, full on body sweats, it is so draining. So to help remedy this, I have started to make a simple apron dress out of lovely cool linen.

I have no idea as to how I found this pattern, but it is so simple. The pattern is by Sarah Kirsten and basically she provides you the instructions on how to draw up the pattern yourself; it really is simple.

With a few simple measurements you draw a couple of lines on the fabric, cut it out and then sew it up.  It consists of 3 pieces; the body and two straps.

I also picked up a few  all of her patterns whilst I got this one.  Sarah even emailed me and thanked me for purchasing them and also if I needed help to reach out.  I told her why I was making it and she came back and told me her dad has just finished his treatment for Lymphoma and wished me luck.  I love the sewing world.

Whilst I was visiting my GP the other day, I picked up some lovely mauve linen.  If this works out, I am going to make another one out of cotton. I am also going to make matching bandanas!

Hopefully I will finish this tonight, if not, tomorrow.  I have a friend coming over tomorrow to help with a dress I have made a toile of.  It looks like a sack and she is going to help put a bit of shape into it.

Catch you all later!

Stephanie xx

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