I originally started this little blog to share my ramblings and other stuff, but on the 27th of November my life took a unexpected turn; I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I so didn’t see that one coming.

I have therefore decided to change tack and document my experiences as I go through my treatment and through to the other side. By sharing my experiences, I hope that I can help in some small way, others who will travel down this path after me; I also reckon it will help my mental health to write about it.

I will share other ramblings and the other things I get up to so won’t all be about the “c”.

I will promise though, it won’t be a sad place.

My writing will come from my favourite spot, my sewing room. Yes the room isn’t that big, but it holds everything in it I need, plus more. I mainly sew and knit so there is a lot of fabric and lot of yarn; books are well represented as well (mainly on crafts).

I actually have two desks in this room, one for my laptop and monitor where the writing happens and the other is where all the magic is made.

These desks are right between the door and a window, so I can welcome in both friends and a breeze. Oh and the cats – they come in either way!!

Thanks for dropping by and please say hello, it is always good to meet you.

Stephanie xx

(I have another little blog where I show my creations and if you are interested, pop over here.)