Pretty much after I was diagnosed I found a breast cancer group on Facebook, Breast Cancer Support for Women – Australia and I am so thankful that I did; these girls are my tribe.

I had no idea nor clue about breast cancer until I was diagnosed, no clue whatsoever.  I do know and with the help of this group I continue to learn.

What to expect with my treatment, the best hints and tips to get you through and most of all the best laughs. I have also started to meet some of them face to face.  My cousin Susie who is 7 years out from her breast cancer, said the one thing she is grateful for by having breast cancer are the friends she has made.

I will not let this MOFO run my life but sometimes you need to be able to speak with someone who gets what you are going through. These girls know it all.

They are also up at all hours as we all tend to suffer from insomnia so there is always someone ready for a chat.

And sometimes you get sad news like today. Today we got the news that one of our “boobie sisters” passed away in January.  I didn’t know her but I cried for her and her family when I read the post. It is an ugly reminder that we are all so vulnerable.

Seeing things like this give you that poke to remind you that we are not completely out of the woods, not yet anyway. It is a reminder that you don’t want to get.

Her family are devastated; I know the feeling all too well. I lost a brother in law 5 years ago to a brain tumour and it fucking hurts.  I do hope that they find peace somewhere down the track, I really do.

RIP Stacey …

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